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MARTINA RINK raised in England and Germany with Persian roots. She works as an international author and freelance creative. Rink founded the creative agency Concept Studio in 2010. Nowadays her focus of her work is on topics containing an aspect of transformation, to which she can personally relate.

For example, she is currently working on her fourth book - a publication which, she says, will be so much more than just a book. It covers the controversial subject of racism in Germany. Over forty personalities share their experiences to motivate the country to transform itself into a place where migrants and people of colour can feel safe & at home.


She has written two bestsellers, Isabella Blow (Thames & Hudson, 2010) and Fashion Germany (Prestel/Random House, 2014), and advises people and corporate brands on making their own book project. Rink lives in Munich and spends her summers most times on Ibiza.



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„Erzähle Besuchern eine einzigartige Geschichte und gewinne so ihre Aufmerksamkeit. Klicke hier, um loszulegen und passe den Text an.“

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People of Deutschland

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Fashion Germany

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Isabella Blow

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