Born and raised between Britain and Germany with Persian roots. Martina started working in the fashion industry as PA of the legendary Isabella Blow. She lived between London and Paris and quickly built up an impressive international network of movers & shakers in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Her boutique agency, Concept Studio, successfully managed fashion events and produced video content for online channels. She has written two bestsellers, Isabella Blow (Thames & Hudson, 2010) and Fashion Germany (Prestel/Random House, 2014), which have sold successfully copies worldwide.  She has worked for several advertising agencies in the creative department.

Today she works as a freelance creative with a focus on fashion, lifestyle, beauty and luxury brands.  She has a creative agency named bubblegum with 4 friends in Munich. Furthermore she continues passionately working as an author and has left the flashlights of the fashion industry to live a „straight edge“ & more purpose filled life, since 2020 she  practices TM meditation, and supports friends  to find their own path of sobriety. She lives between Munich & Ibiza.